Hands On With The Flip MinoHD

You can connect either directly to your computer or use a USB extension cable provided with the Flip MinoHD. The USB connection also helps to recharge the Flip’s built-in battery.

 Hands On With The Flip MinoHD

The preloaded FlipShare software is included with the Flip video camcorders and is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can easily organize your videos and even choose to email your videos (without the need to attach them to the email) to your friends and family.

 Hands On With The Flip MinoHD

On top of that, you can also choose to upload the videos to YouTube, Facebook and even MySpace. According to Cisco, the usage of the Flip video camcorders to the sharing of video are meant to be non-hassle for users.

But for the techie users who are interested to know, the videos are actually uploaded onto Cisco web storage. Therefore, when you email the video to your friends, the video is uploaded online to the storage and your friend will receive a link to the video (pretty much like yousendit.com). This is, of course, transparent to the common user.

 Hands On With The Flip MinoHD

There aren’t many settings on the Flip MinoHD to configure, except language, time and date.

controls Hands On With The Flip MinoHD

And an overview of the front panel of the Flip MinoHD. The plus and minus buttons are for zooming in/out of the subject respectively, though you can’t zoom during recording mode. (Image taken from theflip.com)

Overall, the Flip MinoHD is an easy to use video camcorder for everybody, and its probably the reason why it doesn’t even come with a user manual. If you don’t want to capture HD quality videos, you can opt for the Flip Mino with 2GB storage. The Flip Mino can record 60 minutes of videos like the MinoHD, except that the resolution will be in 640×480 pixels.

At press time, the Mino and MinoHD are selling at S$219 and S$349 (IT Show Promo price – S$199 and S$319) respectively.

If you missed the IT Show promotion last week, you can still get the promotional price if you order online at http://www.buyciscoconsumer.com/sg/ (Promotion code – ITSHOWMAR2010). However, the deal is up till 21 March.