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Heineken targets tech consumers with LED and sensors-driven bottles

Heineken is seeking to heighten the experience enjoying a cold one to the next level with bottles that have built in LEDs which will light up when people say “cheers” or clink the bottle.

The technology behind the new Heineken bottles is relatively simple.  Each bottle has a housing at the bottom that holds the flashy lights, sensors, a microprocessors necessary to ignite the bottle as people kanpai their night away.

“The housing under the bottle gives room to a custom designed circuit board based around the open source Arduino hard- and software platform. It features 8 bright LEDs, an efficient 8-bit microprocessor, an accelerometer to detect various motion types and a wireless network transceiver to communicate with the outside world. The 3D printed housing (designed and developed by C10) is built up of two parts, allowing to re-use the unit on multiple bottles of beer.”

Household consumption of such a beer bottle is highly unlikely, but if things go well, clubs and bars may adopt the flashy beverage container in the near future.  Heineken claims that their LED bottles will be the first “smart” beer bottle to interact with other Ignite bottles.  The Ignite bottles, as Heineken puts it, will “enrich social experiences [and]…. make high tech feel fun, organic and seamless.”

“The brand understands that the best ‘user experiences’ tap into existing consumer behaviors and push technology into the background,” according to Heineken’s tumblr page.

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