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Hello Games takes players to the stars and beyond with galactic indie ‘No Man’s Sky’

At Spike’s annual VGX 2013 awards, Hello Games introduces No Man’s Sky, a spectacular indie that takes players to the stars–and beyond.

No Mans Sky5

Space: the final frontier.

Every atom is procedural, and as we wade through the waters of the ocean of the distant planet New Eridu, that statement stands out quite clearly.

Piercing the cool blue waters, we then take to the shore to gaze upon the trees whose leaves are ablaze with Fall-fire, taking in this unique scene with splendor. We’re on the coast, and the tropical beach is as vibrant as the tree-tops, churning with vitality and exotic life.

No Mans Sky6

Satisfied with our look-over, we hop into our star-cruiser and lift off into the cloudy heavens, piercing the veil of atmosphere to the black void of space.

Crossing over, we inspect a monolithic crashed derelict across the frozen, snow-scape of a far-away world–but soon we are soaring through gaseous space that glows with nebulous light, making our own path through an asteroid with our high-powered laser beams.

No Mans Sky4

Suddenly we’re on a planet made of sand, a duneworld, where vast scaled wyrms swim through the desolate sand. A strange and bizarre sun stands tall in the arid sky, and gales of sand-laden winds flap the flags upon a twisted totem planted in the sand.

Now we’re back in space; but it’s not the cold, black void we expect. This starscape is alive and brilliant, and studded with asteroids. Spacecraft exchange fire in a dazzling display of colorful laser-fire, and we take part by blasting at a few cruisers, but our fray is short-lived as they manipulate space and propel forward into hyperspace.

We pursue them into the unknown, eager to learn of their secrets.

No Mans Sky2

This is No Man’s Sky, an upcoming procedurally-generated game from the studio at Hello Games. The gameplay trailer was shown during last night’s VGX 2013 game awards, and promptly became a sensation across the gaming sphere.

No Man’s Sky is a MMO that puts emphasis on freedom and exploration, and based on the trailer, it truly encapsulates the awe and majesty of the cosmos. Every atmosphere is brilliantly defined, with exotic worlds and starscapes to satisfy even the pickiest of sci-fi fans.

No Man Sky6

The trailer was made up of pure gameplay footage, showcasing flight within a space craft, battle sequences and of course free-roam exploration. According to Hello Games, the universe is procedural but gamers will be able to interact and play together with one another in an evolving open-galaxy experience.

No Man’s Sky is a next-gen indie, but no platform or launch date details have been announced. We still don’t know if it’s for Xbox One or PlayStation 4–or both–but based on the high reception, both Microsoft and Sony might battle over the rights.

Apart from the dazzling visuals and alluring style, the game looks particularly interesting as far as mechanics, and we’ve only been giving a taste of what’s to come on that front. Many possibilities arise, including “mining” resources from planets for ship upgrades, and what the game’s main storyline entails.

No Mans Sky3

The short but sweet look into the infinite cosmos of the game is quite satisfying, but like many gamers out there, I find myself avidly looking forward to more info.

No Man’s Sky could be a potential game-changer for the next-gen era as it brings quite a different experience to the table. Intergalactic adventure on a grand scale is something that many gamers want to see in any game–whether it’s an indie or AAA–and it’s quite interesting that a team of four developers have tackled such an ambitious title.

We’ll be sure to update you as more information comes to light, but for now be sure to check out the official trailer for No Man’s Sky below, and maybe drop a line to Hello Games to tell them what you thought.

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