Samsung cashes in on viral #IceBucketChallenge trend for its latest flagship offering.

samsung galaxy s5 ice bucket challenge video

Samsung isn’t known for classy marketing. They regularly take cheap potshots at competitors and even their competitors’ customers, and as we have seen today: cash in on popular trends.

The Ice Bucket Challenge started out as a means to spread awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) aka Lou Gehrig’s disease, but has now flat-out turned into a fun activity. Popular athletes, actors, technology evangelists, and now every Tom, Dick, and Harry is throwing cold water on themselves to get attention on social media.

Earlier today, Samsung released a short commercial showing their Galaxy S5 accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s an effective way to market the phone’s water / splash-proof design, and also let people know alternatives like the HTC One, iPhone 5s, and Lumia 930 don’t come with it. Samsung did not nominate the latest Sony Xperia smartphones, since they actually have stronger waterproofing.

Faked Ice Bucket Challenge

One more interesting thing to note is that Samsung did not record this in one take. Note the time and the notifications in the status bar: they visibly change after the water splash. It could mean that the first Galaxy S5 didn’t take the challenge too well, or that Samsung simply faked the whole thing. In either case, it’s tasteless.


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