This kind of news seems to go hand-in-hand these days for people playing online games so it’s not surprising that another online game has announced that they've had a security breach.

Online gaming is one of the hottest forms of gaming these days with more and more online games going with the "free to play" model that relies on either advertising or in-game purchases to make their money. In order to play these games though we are often required to hand over a lot of personal information which we hope that the company will make sure is kept safe; but increasingly that isn't the case.

It is this treasure trove that makes online gaming sites so attractive to hackers and today we find out that a fairly popular MOBA game called Heroes of Newerth has become the latest victim to hackers when they announced in the game forums that their servers had suffered a security breach.

S2 Games, the developer behind the game, has been pretty slim on the details beyond what little they have announced so far, but that is likely because they are still probably trying to assess what damage has been done and how much, if any, data the hackers made off with. The company was quick to respond though taking the game offline shortly after announcing the breach in order to "fix some things on the backend," and even though the game is back in operation right now some are reporting that the game doesn't seem to be fully operational yet.

Needless to say, if you are a player of Heroes of Newerth you might want to head over to the site and change your passwords.