This year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2013) was a momentous occasion for Japanese gaming, and Kojima Production’s impressive demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a prime example of a memorable performance at the venue.

The demo was comprised of actual in-game footage from the next installment in the landmark franchise, showcasing the distinct gameplay dynamics as well as the amazing fidelity of the new-and-improved next-gen Fox Engine.

We’ve not had much footage from MGSV since the stylish and cryptic GDC trailer, and this new bounty sends a fresh surge of anticipation throughout the devout Metal Gear Solid fanbase across the world. The demo displayed everything from combat, AI, lighting effects/graphics, and delivered a stunning look at the upcoming tactical espionage adventure.


When it comes to the size of The Phantom Pain, in a recent interview Hideo Kojima revealed that the game would be roughly 300 times that of Ground Zeroes–the other half of Metal Gear Solid V.

Ground Zeroes will serve as the prologue to The Phantom Pain, and will be limited in terms of size, scale and other gameplay features–but it will set the overall tone and paint Snake’s multi-layered story.

It will be interesting to see a live-action gameplay demo of Ground Zeroes in the future so that the two games can be compared, however we might have to wait a bit as Kojima hasn’t set any defined release date for the anthology release.

Via NeoGAF, Game Watch & Metal Gear