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High Power Astro PT 700W PSU Review

High Power supplies the Astro PT inside an interesting cardboard box with a windowed top, showcasing the bottom side of the power supply. The artwork is simple, with the company trying to imitate the silvery effect of platinum.

Inside the package, we found the APT-700 well secured and protected by a combination of cardboard compartments and polyethylene foam pieces. The weakest point of the packaging obviously is the windowed panel, which offers virtually zero protection in case of a direct hit.

The bundle of the APT-700 is minimalistic, considering the level of the power supply. We only found a case sticker, the basic mounting screws, a standard A/C power cable and a manual, which manual strangely referred to the GD (gold) series instead. There is also a bag with the unit’s modular cables, all of which cables are all-black, "flat" type cables.

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