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High-resolution budget iPhone renders look beautiful, blue back panel confirmed

A pair of new high-resolution renders of the budget iPhone has emerged online, giving us an almost accurate representation of the final product. Also, a leaked image confirms the existence of a blue colored variant of the budget iPhone.

budget iPhone shell blue color

Image Credit: Nowhereelse

There’s not one but two interesting news related to the budget Apple iPhone. The first being that the first budget phone offering from Apple will come in various colors, and one of them happens to be the color blue.

While we’ve previously seen the phone in red, white, yellow and even green, this is the first time that we are seeing a blue colored iPhone back panel. Apple seems to have drawn heavy influence from the Nokia Lumia phones, which showed that colorful back panels are trendy and cool, and help in wooing more teenagers to buy their phones as well.

low cost budget Apple iPhone

The other bit of news is the pair of high-resolution renderings of how the final budget iPhone would look. These renderings, made by Mac Rumors, are based on all the leaked images circulating the web so far, and to me, they look pretty darn accurate (and good looking too, cheers!). Reports suggest that the internal specifications will be much similar to the iPhone 4, which isn’t bad, but isn’t that great for 2013 either. Here’s hoping for a dual-core chipset and 512 MB RAM at the least.

low cost budget Apple iPhone (1)

Depicting the various colors in which the iPhone will be available. Obviously, MacRumors hasn’t got wind of the newly leaked ‘Blue’ version yet.

While we are really excited about the budget iPhone, we really hope (and sincerely pray) that Apple prices it right. Initial reports suggest a $350-400 price tag,  far higher than the Nexus 4, Lumia 820 and other offers by competition. Apple, give this away for $249 and I’m sold.

via Apple Insider | Source: MacRumors

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