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HIS Develops Dual RV530 Single Slot Solution

HIS has been developing a unique dual GPU, single PCB graphics accelerator sporting two ATi RV530 chipsets. Increased bandwidth is available to the two GPUs thanks to the use of a PLX bridge chip.

HIS (Hightech Information System) announced another single-slot dual GPU solution, model HIS X1600 Gemini. The card is developed for the upcoming ATi RV560/RV570 and RV530 Pro is used to testing purpose. Nowadays in the market those single-slot dual ATi GPU solution are based on x8 + x8 CrossFire through ATi RD48/RD400 bridging chipset, which cannot be operational in PCI-E X16. The new product provides another solution by PLX PEX8532 bridging chipset, which like the bridging chipset BR03 used in nVidia Geforce 7950GX2 to share the same PCI-E interface.

PLX PEX8532 support up to PCI-E x32, 8 GPUs, 7.38W maximum power, packaged with PBGA in 680 pins 35mm x 35mm. The size of the card would surely be shortened in the retail product. The card is designed with2 RV530 Pro in 450MHz, and 1G Samsung 1.38GHz GDDR3 -1.4ns memory. Besides crossfire, the card can be used as a #D card with ATi physics technology, 1 chip for 3D acceleration and the other for Physics calculation, according to Peter Yeung, Marketing manager from HIS.

The new RV560 and RV570 80nm parts will launch in August and integrate the CrossFire compositing logic onboard, so that will make CrossFire master cards obsolete, as usual accelerators will be able to work together. RV560 and RV570 are designed to complete nVidia Geforce 7600 family.

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