Hightech Information Systems Limited (HIS) presents to the enthusiasts yet another card from its IceQ series, the HIS Radeon X1650XT TurboX Edition. Apart from coming insanely clocked at 630/770Mhz, let ‘ s take a closer look at what this card has to offer.

The IceQ box

HIS has came a long way with AMD-ATI graphics, a premier AIB partner producing many enthusiast level graphics. They are also well known for their overclocked graphic cards fitted with custom cooling solutions by Arctic Cooling. Being one of the pioneers of adopting AC cooling solutions, HIS has realized the potential of the overclocker ‘s market and have since introduced many graphic cards that comes pre-overclocked; the X1650XT card that we ‘ll be looking at today runs at 630/770mhz as opposed to the stock X1650XT speeds of 575/675Mhz.

X1650XT turbocharged by HIS!

Enough of an introduction, let us take a look at the specifications of the card as compared to its competitors in the market today.

HIS X1650XT TurboX
Asus Geforce 7600GS GDDR3
Geforce 7600GT
Core Clock630 Mhz575Mhz600Mhz560Mhz
Mem Clock770Mhz675Mhz700Mhz700Mhz
Mem Size256MB256MB256MB256MB
Mem Bus128bit128bit128bit128bit
Vertex Pipes8855
Pixel Pipes24241212

Let us take a look at the card in greater detail in the next page.

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