HIS Radeon X1800XT OC Edition comes with the usual reference cooling
solution from ATi. We were a little disappointed with this, considering that it
has been HIS’s tradition to put on a nice Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer heatsink
fan installed on their flagship cards. But nevertheless, with a standard cooling
solution, HIS is still able to push the envelope above standard levels.

As usual, we will dissect and take a closer look at the HIS Radeon X1800XT OC:

This is how the card looks like from the top. Strikng a great resemblance to the PowerColor X1800XT, this card is yet another reference designed card
complete with reference cooling from ATi.

Flipping over the card reveals even more on the PCB design of
this card. Once again, it looks similar to other X1800XT since it is all based
on ATi’s reference design.

Like most other top end cards in the market, the HIS X1800XT
OC Edition comes with dual DVI, and a VIVO capable 9 pin DIN port (located in the
center of both DVI ports. This card
requires 2 free PCI slots where one slot is meant for the cooling solution.

With all the cooling solution removed, this is how the bare
card looks like. From this view, there is totally no way to tell the difference
between this card and other X1800XTs available on the shelves.