The R520 core we find on this HIS X1800XT OC Ed. does not bear
any difference as compared to any other X1800XT cores we saw on other cards.
Particularly, this core is made on the 44th week of Year 2005.

There are 8 memory chips onboard the card from Samsung, rated at
1.25ns. These memory chips are rated to run at 1.6GHz, right where this card is
clocked at.

Like most other high end graphics cards from ATi, this HIS
Radeon X1800XT OC Ed. comes with the ATi Rage Theater chip. This chip provides VIVO functions for the card, via the 9 pin DIN connector.

The cooling solution on the HIS Radeon X1800XT OC Ed is pretty
much ATi’s standard reference cooling solution. As such, it’s exactly the same
as the PowerColor X1800XT we have seen sometime ago. At the center of the
heatsink, it has a copper slab which comes into contact with the core. There are
pink thermal pads which keeps the RAMs cooled by providing extra contact
between the heatsink and the RAM chips.