HIS X800GT12 HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

These are the RAM chips found on the HIS X800GT. These RAM
chips are 2.0ns GDDR3 from Samsung. 8 of such chips can be found on the

HIS X800GT14 HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

HIS X800GT15 HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

This is how the factory fitted ATi Silencer fan looks like when
dismantled from the card. The heatsink consists of a copper base with aluminum
fins bonded to it. In order to keep the RAMs cooled, thermal pads were deployed
for better contact on those RAM chips.

HIS X800GT16 HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

The label on the pretty looking large fan. Although rated at
0.30A, this fan is whisper quiet. Throughout the test, even at it’s maximum
speed, we could not hear any noise from this fan!

HIS X800GT17 HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

Here’s a close up on the fins.
Fine and moderately spaced fins can be seen here. This is essential, since the
fan itself is large, but not extremely powerful. The plastic shroud
channels the air sucked in from the fan, and passes it through these fins, and out
of the system.

HIS X800GT19 HIS X800GT IceQ II Turbo

Here’s a picture of the rear heat spreader. Concaves in strategic spots
are meant to cover the individual RAM chips. Thermal pads would ensure better
thermal contact between the heat spreader and the chips itself.