Although the default 540 Mhz core, 590
Mhz memory is pretty fast already, I had to push it to the maximum, as per VR-Zone

So slapping on my home-built coolers, I pushed it as far as I


With -90C Cooling on the card, the results are
pretty impressive: 8737 points in 3D Mark 2005
with the core running at 820 Mhz! That is the Second
X850 in the world!


And in 3D Mark 2003, it holds the Highest
score in the world for ATI cards! 18915 points!


And finally, a very good score of 41486 is obtained
with the card in 3D Mark 2001:


Like my previous HIS X800 Pro, the HIS
X850 XT
has proven itself to be very overclockable and its ability
to take the high current going through the card in order to run core speeds
of well over 800 Mhz shows the quality it is fashioned in.
I love this card!



For discussion on overclocking the card, you can drop by here.


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