Do the technology used in today's generation of high-definition television sets make you want to go all 'WOOO~' in envy? Well, now there is a better reason for you to do so, especially if you are currently living in Japan; Hitachi has just announced the availability of six new high-definition television sets under its WOOO banner, with three of them making use of LCD technology, while the other three will sport plasma display technology. More details coming right up.


Hitachi has announced the availability of six new high-definition television sets which will be marketed under the WOOO branding. Consisting of 3 new additions to both the GP-08 and XP-08 series of high-definition television sets, Hitachi claims that the new products have been designed to meet the needs of consumers who desire a more integrated solution for their television viewing needs, especially now that Japan has already dropped the use of analog broadcasting domestically.

According to Hitachi, the new television sets will sport a variety of features common along them, such as the inclusion of a 500GB hard disk for use in recording television programs, as well as support for remote operation of the units via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. However, the Japanese electronics company did not provide any information as to whether this feature is limited to specific mobile platforms, or if it is compatible with a wide range of competing mobile platforms.

That being said, Hitachi has claimed that the plasma-based GP-08 series of high-definition television sets will boast support for sequential 3D display via the use of its "Pixel Manager ED" technology, In addition, the GP-08 series of plasma television sets will also ship with occupancy sensors which are reportedly smart enough to automatically turn off the TV's display as soon as it detects the lack of an audience.

On the other hand, the LCD-based XP-08 series of high-definition television sets will ship with IPS display panels that are illiminated by LEDs in order to provide viewers with a much wider viewing angle as opposed to displays that use TN panels. Furthermore, Hitachi has also confirmed in its announcement that the XP-08 series of television sets will feature an "auto sensor" which will automaticaly reduce the backlight's intensity when bright images are displayed, thus resulting in a lower energy consumption.

The GP-08 series of plasma television sets are expected to be released for sale in Japan come August 27 this year, while the LCD-based XP-08 series are only expected to hit retail within mid September. No prices, along with information for global availability (if at all) for any of the six television sets have been released by Hitachi at this point of time,

Source: Hitachi Japan