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Hobbyist turns Xbox 360 into a gaming laptop

Have you ever wanted to turn your Xbox into a portable machine?  Maybe you should check out this Xbox mod for some inspirations.

Many of us, including myself, have (at some point in our lives) fantasized about turning a full-sized piece of hardware into something more portable.  It took Sony a few years before it released a portable version of the PlayStation (PSone), but by then the Playstation 2 had already accumulated a large following.  Sony did their part in trying to respond to the visions of enthusiasts, but the same can’t be said for console makers like Microsoft.  That’s where hobbyists like “BDrizzle” come in, and it is through these individuals that people can see their visions become a reality.  BDrizzle recently completed his mod of an Xbox 360 console that would leave some salivating, and others with uncontrollable giggles.

The PhD candidate purportedly took on the task of transforming a full-sized Xbox 360 into a portable gaming machine—complete with a display.  The cost of turning his Xbox into a gaming laptop-esque apparatus costs about $520, but for laughs and sheer joy of being able to make his fantasy a reality, it must be priceless. 

“…I did it purely out of a desire for an electronics project… I graduated in 2010 with an MEng in Electronics Engineering, and it is keeping me sane whilst I start the final year of my PhD!” says the creator of this wonderful piece of fun. 

Unfortunately, the modified Xbox doesn’t have a built in battery, so it’s not completely portable.  According to BDrizzle, “…even the most heavy duty 12V 10Ah Li-Ion battery would only last around an hour max.”

Microsoft will be releasing a device on October 26 which it hopes will transcend the PC industry.  Yes, the Surface tablet can play video games, and yes it’s portable, but can it inspire a whole new generation of “do-ers” and not just mere adopters of a growing trend?

There are many basement inventors and tinkerers that will never have their work seen, but as the tech industry becomes more and more consolidated and integrated, we hope that people like BDrizzle will continue to do what they do.  Modding and hacking pre-assembled hardware may not result in a better piece of hardware (or even practical for that matter), but the adrenaline rush and joy of seeing a homemade project reach its pinnacle is probably the greatest reward.

Although I’m not too sure that my lap has the thermal capacity to handle the nova-like heat generating machine that is the Xbox.  Still, this fine piece of hardware is nothing short of awesome.

Check out the full gallery here.

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