Valet parkers, or people who park cars professionally, may soon have less to do if Honda’s automated valet service comes out of testing and gets installed at various locales.


Multiple firms in the automotive sector are pursuing technologies that will do away with the ‘driving’ aspect of a car.  These technologies are of course deeply intertwined with current computing trends in which just about anything can be automated.  Just as a house light can turn itself on when a person comes home, automakers are trying to make cars drive themselves when a person doesn’t want to bother himself with the task.

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The Honda automated valet service, or self-parking, is a system that uses sensors onboard the cars as well as the infrastructures various cameras and sensors to make parking car a computer-based process.  People will no longer have to worry about handing their car keys over to ‘shady’ characters, or that they’ll come back to their car only to find a boulder-sized dent somewhere on the body.

Honda thinks that it can roll out the self-parking system by 2020, but didn’t rule out the idea that its computerized valet service or services similar to it will make a splash even earlier.

Source: DigiInfo