Despite a plague of reports of hardware failures and system faults, it seems at the very least that the PlayStation 4 is tornado-proof.


“That’s the face of a man with homeowner’s insurance.”

A picture has emerged on Reddit (post linked below) apparently showing a man standing in the wreckage of his Illinois home, clutching the unscathed box of a brand-new PS4 in his hand.

The picture was first posted on Facebook and then to Reddit where it has amassed several thousand upvotes since being posted just yesterday.

There’s not a great deal of proof to go on, so who knows to what extent this story of a “light at the end of the tunnel” is true, but it certainly highlights the distinctly lacking tornado-proofing section in the console’s specs. I mean, if you happen to live in Tornado Valley, for example, I’d imagine such information would be crucial to your next-gen console decision-making.

Keep up the good work, Sony!

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