What does it take to become a pro StarCraft player?  Actually, it takes a lot of commitment, and an exceptionally twitchy set of hands.  For a long time now, many have associated actions per minute (or ‘APM’) and sound strategies as the keys to dominating newbies (‘noobs’) in RTS like StarCraft II, but have you ever seen a real twitchy set of hands at work?

Above is a video demonstrating the speed at which a pro Korean StarCraft II player executes his command of the Terran army.  Why this video deserves a bit of views is due to the fact that pro SCII players don’t generally show off their Midas touches in front of a close-up camera.  The worries is not so much that the player is flaunting his built in machine guns, but rather the close-up shots may give away strategies, timing, and key-binding methods.

For the first couple of minutes during the gameplay, the APMs were merely spam (perhaps a warm up of the fingers), but as the match went on we can see why some of that spamming were meant for putting away the opposing force.