What’s the next best thing to getting 30 seconds of fame on national television?  How about lasting images of yourself on Google’s Street View?  Of course, the best part about Street View is your impression on the world will last for more than 30 seconds.

Upon hearing news that the folks at Google were rolling around Tokyo with their Street View gears, writers from the comedy site Daily Portal Z took to the street to achieve global recognition.  Since Street View blurs out people’s face as it collects images of the surrounding infrastructures, the DPZ writers made sure they, too, wouldn’t be blurred out.  So they donned themselves with pigeon masks and swarmed the Street View apparatus as it passed by (and no, they didn’t do what pigeons do best).

This isn’t the first nor will it be the last time people use Google Maps to make their mark.  So the next time you hear about Google making its way down your street, prepare something funny so we can look it up!

via kotaku