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How to turn your iPhone 4 transparent

Still remember a while back we ran an article on how a guy in Hong Kong managed to strip his iPhone 4's front and back panel and made them transparent? Well, there's now a simpler (yet somewhat complicated) way of achieving that jaw-dropping transparent panel.

In the original story of the transparent iPhone 4, what the Hong Kong enthusiast did was to disassemble and remove the front and back panel of the phone. He then used paint thinner and carefully remove the paint from the panels and assemble the iPhone back again once the panels are clear.

While that sounds painstakingly risky and requires some time, there's now a somewhat easier way of achieving the same effect. And this method is reversible.

The folks over at M.I.C gadgets has brought in a transparent back panel iPhone 4 DIY kit. It comes with a clear back panel and the required set of screw drivers so you can start pimping your iPhone 4 right away. As I've mentioned, since you are accuiring an additional back panel, you can keep your own original back panel and do a swap if you fancy.

Available in 3 frame colours, you can get yours from their website for a measily US$23.90.

Source: M.I.C Gadgets Store

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