According to online sources, HP is going to discontinue the development of their Android tablet and instead focus on their WebOS tablet products. HP has acquired Palm in April this year, and announced it will develop products based on Palm’s popular WebOS platform.

According to AllthingsD, HP says it will discontinue the development of Android tablets.

“Sources in position to know tell me that HP’s Android slate has been delayed and won’t ship before the end of the year as planned.”

While it could just be a delay on the production of Android tablet, it is probably a wiser move for HP to focus on their development of products based on WebOS platform, from the acquisition of Palm in April this year. Android may be getting a stronger foothold in the market, but there is currently not many Android tablets on the market.

However, it is likely HP will still come up with Android Slates, but the time is definitely not this year.

Source: AllthingsD, Business Week