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HP might still release Windows 7 powered slate

Sure, we just ran an article about HP filing an application to trademark the name PalmPad, but it seems that the original Windows-powered slate has not been forgotten by the company yet, as a hidden page on HP’s website can attest to. Or can it?

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Do you remember the time where HP announced that they were rolling out a slate-like device powered by Windows 7 and would serve as some rather stiff competition to Apple’s iPad? I’m sure you do. And then there were the teaser videos and commercials about the aforementioned device being capable of running Flash and doing all kinds of things than an iPad was supposedly incapable of.

And then, just as quickly as it caught on, HP made a sudden about-turn by purchasing Palm Inc and announcing that it would be WebOS and ARM that would serve as the core of its new tablet, and not Windows 7 or Intel’s Atom as was originally planned. Needless to say, it caused a little hoo-ha in the industry, with analysts discussing how HP plans to pit WebOS against the wildly popular iOS found in the iPad.

However, it seems that HP has no intention of simply letting the original Windows-powered device fade into oblivion, and the discovery of a hidden webpage in HP’s site describing the slate has been unearthed by PC World, in which one model known as the HP Slate 500 is revealed.

Accessing the link above will take you to a pretty spartan page in which a little more information about the Slate 500 is revealed, although most of its contents, such as it running on Windows 7 Home Premium and sporting an 8.9-inch screen are probably common knowledge to those who have been following the news of its development back then.

Of course, a mere webpage cannot be considered as ‘proof’ of any strategic plans for abandoned or unfinished products, and it is entirely possible that the so-called ‘hidden page’ could merely be an oversight on HP’s part with regards to taking down unneeded pages, but it does fuel rumors that HP may still plan to release its Slate 500 some time in the future, probably alongside its WebOS version. But this is purely speculation on our part, so we will just have to wait and see.

Either way, HP’s decision to release a slate-like device, regardless of the OS used, can only mean one thing: the tablet/slate market is about to get a little livelier.

Source: PC World

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