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HP PalmPad Tablet PC design exposed; 3 models to unveil at CES

HP PalmPad

HP has trademarked the name “PalmPad” in July this year and in the past months, the manufacturer has been developing their new tablet devices. Well, apparently, the PalmPad Tablet PC design has been leaked and from some sources, the company may unveil three tablets at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), happening in eary January next year.

At end October, Foxconn and Compal have received HP Palm orders for a total of six devices. Among the devices is the PalmPad Tablet PC which runs on WebOS 2.0 platform. But according to Fox News’ latest exposed design of the product, it looks like there are three Tablet devices which may be scheduled to be unveiled at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The largest PalmPad is reportedly to has a 9.7-inch display and weighs 567g which is slightly lighter than the Apple iPad. It will come with USB3.0 connectivity option for faster data transfer, as well as mini HDMI for high-definition video output. The tablet will also be equipped with front and rear cameras (1.3-megapixel front and 3-megapixel rear), and runs WebOS 2.5.1 operating system.

As for the other two PalmPad, one of them will have a 8.9-inch screen while the other a 7-inch. All three PalmPads will support Sprint 4G network.

Source: imobile.com.cn

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