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HP Pre 3 shows off Skype integration

Some time back, rumour had it that HP was planning to launch its Pre 3, webOS-powered smartphone with version 2.2 of the operating system instead of the newer 2.3.1, and that support for Skype will be fully integrated into said operating system, thus negating the need to install a separate, standalone app if a user wanted to engage in some VoIP telephony. As it turns out, those rumours were right on the money this time.

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It is often said that the rumour mill is not the most credible source to go mining for information, but there are always rare instances where data obtained from such sources can turn out to be right on the money, and this particular case appears to be a shining example of one of those "rare instances". Apparently, the rumour that HP's upcoming Pre 3 smartphone will be powered by version 2.2 of the webOS operating and that Skype will be fully integrated into the aforementioned operating system has been proven to be true, and a German blog known as webOS Blog claims to have in its possession a bunch of screenshot that should be enough to put all other claims to the contrary to rest.

According to the webOS blog, the integration of Skype into webOS 2.2 has been done in such a way that users are able to set the Pre 3 to allow the routing of all international calls through Skype and its VoIP protocol, which would be extremely convenient if they intend to make use of Skype as their main means of making phone calls. Alternatively, the Pre 3 also allows users to configure webOS in such a way that the operating system will automatically prompt them to select between Skype and the carrier's telephony services for every phone call, as shown in the screenshot below:

In addition, webOS Blog also claims that users do not have to import their contact lists over from Skype, as the HP Pre 3 supports the making of Skype calls directly from the smartphone's contact list. This essentially eliminates any remaining need to have a discreet Skpye app installed on the Pre 3.

Unfortunately, webOS Blog was not able to provide any specific dates for the HP Pre 3's release, although most sources claim that HP is still sticking to its plans for a mid to late July release for Germany and the US. Here's hoping that it will not take too long before the Pre 3 starts showing up for sale as part of a bundle from one of our own local telcos.

Source: webOS Blog

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