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HP Slate specs and pricing leaked

The tablet wars have yet to start, but a leaked presentation slide from HP shows that everything is ready for one to take place, right down to pricing and hardware specs.

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In the midst of all the iPad frenzy that is taking place over Apple’s new tablet , it’s easy to forget that that such devices were already present even before Apple decided that it wanted in on this segment of the computer market, and for good reason. Somehow, it seems that every time Apple unveils a new product based on existing technology,people tend to believe that it signifies the ‘end-all’ of consumer-oriented computing devices.

And with the leak of a certain presentation slide which contains some pretty detailed information about the upcoming HP Slate’s hardware specs and pricing, it seems like the good guys over at HP are not about to let Apple seize the entire tablet market all for itself.

According to the leaked slide, the HP Slate will be retailing for US$549-$599, which does not look all that good considering that the basic iPad can be gotten at a mere US$499, not to mention that Apple’s offering also boasts a much longer battery life (10 hours vs the Slate’s 5+ hours), support for wireless N and a bigger screen at a resolution of 1024 x 768.

However, the Slate does have its own fair share of goodies that more than puts in in a decent position against its competitor: even with the slightly higher price and lower battery life, the decision to use Windows 7 Home Premium alongside Intel’s Atom processor means that the Slate enjoys full compatibility with the huge variety of desktop-grade applications currently available for Windows.

Also, the Slate offers greater expandability where ports are concerned, with an SD card reader, a USB 2.0 port and HDMI-out being some of the features which the iPad completely lacks.

But even then, HP still faces an uphill battle in this war: not only has the iPad been officially released for retail, it has also set the standards (and expectations) of how current tablets should look and work. This is definitely one battle that we’ll be constantly looking out for.

Source: Engadget

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