Following previous reports of an update for the One X, HTC is also planning to update its HTC Butterfly with Sense 5 and backport other features from its flagship HTC One

HTC has annouced that its "flagship" phablet, the HTC Butterfly, will receive an update by the end of May that will bring features from its flagship HTC One to the Butterfly. This will allow its users to be able to utilize many of the features previously unavailable to the HTC Butterfly, most notably Sense 5, with its highly-touted BlinkFeed news feed homescreen.

Following that, HTC has also annouced that it will double production capacity for its latest flagship, the HTC One. This will enable the company to meet the demand for its flagship: it previously hadn't been able to produce enough stock of its 64GB and black-colored HTC One variants, due to shortages of components.

Source: Focus Taiwan