Benchmarks confirm that the newly announced HTC Butterfly S 5.0-inch Smartphone by HTC manages to squeeze out more performance than the 2013 flagship HTC One. Does that mean we have a new flagship in our hands?

HTC Butterfly S

The HTC One, the 2013 flagshp from HTC, isn't the company's most powerful Smartphone anymore. With the launch of the HTC Butterfy S, we were all left wondering one particular thing. Are we looking at a new flagship? Unfortunately the company doesn't call the Butterfly S as the flagship, but then again, its features and price premium all point to that direction. 

While the question of whether the Butterfly S is the new HTC flagship or not remains unanswered, new benchmark tests confirm one other crucial thing. The HTC One isn't the fastest phone from the company's stable anymore. New benchmarks conducted on the Butterfly S confirm that the 5.0-inch stunner has a much more fine tuned engine under the hood.

Essentially the same processor, the Snapdragon 600 SoC in the new Butterfly S is clocked in slightly higher, at 1.9 GHz. We suspect that the Adreno 320 GPU has also be set to run at a higher clock speed of about 450 MHz, compared to the 400 MHz in the HTC One. 

No matter what, we eagerly await the launch of the new HTC phone in our country, would love to give it a test drive sometime. Perhaps BoomSound and the powerful 3200 mAh might just be enough to give the Butterfly successor the extra edge over competition.

Source: GforGames