HTC’s Chairwoman and co-founder, Cher Wang, will clock in more hours at the office in an effort to revitalize and inject some confidence into the company’s workforce.


Competition in the smartphone market has intensified to the point where even an established firm like HTC is struggling to capture the attention of shoppers worldwide.  The company’s market share is down over 50 percent this year, and its recent line of HTC One handsets isn’t remedying the situation.

Wang assured HTC’s staff during a town hall meeting that current President and CEO, Peter Chou, will continue to captain the ship.  According to Chou, he himself encouraged Wang to take up a bigger role in the company.  With Wang now at his side, Chou will reportedly have more to time to spend on the engineering aspect of the company’s products, while Wang will take a more active role in operations and sales.

Many key challenges will lie ahead for HTC, but one of Wang’s key agenda is to fix the company’s current issue with its end users.  In her rally, she told HTC staff that the company need to focus on the end-user experience, rather than focusing just on delivering products that suit the phone operators.  In essence, HTC’s new mission is to gain back the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Source: Bloomberg