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HTC continues ‘All New One’ hype building as blurry device photos crop up

Expected out on March 25, the all new HTC One has posed for Mr. Blurrycam again, also making a censored appearance in a hilarious official teaser video.

All New HTC One

Mocking Samsung’s Galaxy S5 didn’t quite work out for HTC, despite there being so much about the “next big thing” you could ridicule, but luckily for the Taiwanese, they’re better at humor when not trying so hard.

Enter the first 2-minute episode of soon to become YouTube video series “Technical Translations”. A savant of sorts and a seemingly not as bright individual tackle HTC’s BoomSound audio system, found on the original One and coming to the all new One too.

Each describes the dual front-facing speakers in terms closer to them, one with far too complex scientific lingo, and the other, well, by using analogies that include beatbox sounds, a super-loud moose mating call, and… two horns.

Silly? Definitely. Useful in any way to reveal something about HTC One’s sequel? Not at all. Amusing? You bet.

But wait, the clip does disclose, or rather confirm, a tidbit – the phone we knew so long as the M8 will indeed carry the “All New One” moniker. The savant utters it at one point, so there’s no turning back now.


Meanwhile, worry not that the handheld is pixelated in the teaser, since there’s little doubt as to its appearance. Several unofficial live photos surfaced online last week, and today they’re corroborated by another duo of images.

Sure, they could still be fabricated, but why would anyone bother? HTC One’s design was always its strongest suit, so it makes perfect sense to keep it intact, or very subtly tweak it. Like you see above. Also visible, dual cameras.


The back cover is probably not bolted this time around, as microSD support should finally become a standard feature on HTC’s flagship devices. Bottom line, it’s early days, but it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5 may get one-upped on March 25. Thoughts?

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