Preliminary HTC Q2 2013 earnings report speaks for itself. The company has performed far better than the previous quarter, with an estimated profits of $41.6 million. This is in contrast to the dismal $2.8 million made in Q1 2013.

HTC Q2 2013 earnings

Looks like the troubled company is finally posting some good news. Preliminary Q2 2013 earnings report give an estimatd $41.6 million in profits for the company, many times higher than the $2.8 million profits posted in Q1 2013. Although the score falls short of the $66.7 million in earnings that the investors were looking for.

Revenue figures take an almost two-fold jump fron $1.4 billion to $2.4 billion in one quarter. Despite the slightly encouraging scores, the estimates are a far cry to the $3 billion revenue and $250 million profits posted by the same company a year ago, in Q2 2012.

HTC quarterly earnings revenue report

Let's hope that the company keeps up with the good scores and continues to crawl its way out of the troubled zone.

Source: Reuters | Image credit: GSMArena