VR-Zone has the opportunity to hands-on the HTC Wildfire at the event. It looks like a mini HTC Desire and comes in three different colors. The phone is pretty responsive, despite having a 528MHz processor (compared to Desire’s 1GHz). It is also using Android 2.1 and the HTC Sense UI provides decent user experience.

On the left are the volume control and a mini USB port..

The power/phone lock button and 3.5mm audio jack are at the top. At the rear is the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash. With the Flashlight app, you can turn on/off the LED light and use it like a torchlight, and it comes with three light intensities too.

Opening the rear cover unveils the 1300mAh lithium-ion battery and the SIM card slot in the battery compartment. We also find the microSD card slot that is located just outside the compartment, unlike other phones whereby the memory card slot is near the SIM card and you need to remove the battery to take out the cards.

The HTC Wildfire is certainly a decent phone, and is half the price of the HTC Desire. If you like the smaller form factor, yet offering good features and seamless user experience, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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