HTC has released its Froyo update for the EVO 4G. Meanwhile, a system software update (2.05.707.1) has been made available for the HTC Legend. Just pure coincidence?

The Froyo update has been made available to the Nexus One, the Evo 4G and the Desire. So when is it going to be available for the fans holding onto the HTC Legend?

Well, according to online sources (and the notification below from this Ed’s phone), there is a software update for HTC Legend – system upgrade 2.05.707.1, but seems like the update only fixes the loss of ringtone for incoming calls and enhances data connection stability.

Moreover, the update is only 24.67MB in size. Looks a little tiny for an operating system update, so this might not be Froyo after all. HTC did mention that the Froyo update will be available for HTC Legend in Q3, hopefully that day will come sooner than we all expect it to.

What you think?