htc one nexus

A special version of the HTC One running on Stock Android was revealed by Senior VP (Android and Chrome), Sundir Pichar at the D11 conference earlier this week. Now, to cater to early adopters of the One, HTC is considering allowing them to replace Sense with stock Android.

In a statement released directly to The Verge, HTC has confirmed that the company is currently “examining the best way to support early adopters of the One” who may be feeling disappointed at HTC for not announcing this special edition earlier.

HTC hasn’t said anything about how they will exactly support early adopters, but based on my own understanding, they will release it on Expect the installation to be a complicated, multi-step process; certainly more complicated than flashing a ROM from a ZIP file in ClockworkMod Recovery.

Of course, if HTC doesn’t officially allow replacing Sense with Stock Android, you can always expect the vibrant Android development community to come up with a reasonably good alternative.

The “HTC One with Nexus User Experience” will launch later this month for $599 on the Play Store. Read all the details here.

via The Verge

*Not to be confused with the HTC Nexus One