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HTC and Nokia board the Samsung-mocking train again, forget to bring the funny

Samsung’s big day yesterday was just about to get disrupted by rivals HTC and Nokia, which took to Twitter to ridicule the freshly unveiled Galaxy S5 and promote their own products in the process.

HTC Samsung

It’s no longer a surprise when officials or social media managers for the main players engaged in the mobile wars scoff at the competition. In fact, it would be shocking if they’d stop trying to yank each other’s chains. Besides, to quote Nokia, public mocking “is the best form of flattery”, isn’t it?

As such, Samsung should probably feel good HTC and Nokia bothered to deride the Galaxy S5 basically as soon as the 5.1-incher was unveiled in Barcelona, at the Mobile World Congress. Especially as they mostly looked uninspired and unamusing in their jabs.

The corny stand-up comedy show debuted when HTC tweeted what could be interpreted as a teaser image for the forthcoming “All New HTC One”, joined by a mildly humorous text: “Buyer’s remorse: Coming soon to S5 owners”.

HTC Samsung-2

Don’t get it? Then let’s mention there was also a date to go with the pic and caption: March 25. That’s when One’s sequel will likely go official, so essentially, what HTC wants to suggest is people will rush to purchase the GS5, then lament their decision as the “superior” M8 rolls out. The only problem with this scenario: Galaxy S5’s ETA is April.

Swing and a miss therefore, but HTC knows a thing or two about failing and getting back on the horse for a second try. Too bad “Hope they’re ready to be One-upped” is an even blander, unfunnier message.

Galaxy S5 gold

On the bright side, Jason MacKenzie, President of HTC America, had the flair and inspiration to follow the quips of folks outside the company’s advertising department, one of which tweeted a hilarious image of the gold Galaxy S5 “Band-Aid”. Now that’s humor, and as a consequence, you should all follow journalist Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal.

Nokia Samsung

Finally, Nokia’s UK branch joined the bad pun party with a Lumia photo, a “Stand out from the crowd” incitation and a “Not the Samesung:)” notice. Well, thanks for the memo, Nokia, and next time you feel comedic, do us all a favor. Don’t. Just don’t. Please?

Sources: HTC Twitter, Nokia UK Twitter, Phone Arena 

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