To all those rich blokes who love to set a statement, here’s the HTC One for you in full 24-carat gold or platinum plating. Costs $$$$$ (that is in short for an arm and a leg, and maybe a kidney too).


If you’re one of those rich blokes who’s got enough to spend on your phone as much as we (Me? I’m just an average Joe) fellows spend on a car, then this one’s for you. HTC’s launched new variants of their flagship Smartphone. No no, this isn’t a ‘Mini’ or a ‘Zoom’, but rather 24-carat gold or platinum plating instead.

Looking to set a statement? Grab one of these new HTC One models that promises to glitter and dazzle all who set their eyes on them:

  • HTC One with 24-carat gold plating – £1895 or about $2900
  • HTC One with 24-carat rose gold plating – £1995 or about $3100
  • HTC One with 24-carat platinum plating – £2095 or about $3200

*All models pack 32 GB of internal storage, the rest of the internal specs remain identical.

Goldgenie, the company that will be selling these premium models, packs the phones in premium customized gift boxes (looks like a portable chest drawer). Goldgenie also sells a wide range of other items such as tablets, Wii, etc., all dipped in $$$.

Source: Goldgenie via SourceWire