Looks like HTC has finally gotten round the problem of very limited stock of their flagship device. The HTC One is now in healthy circulation, selling over 1.2 million in May alone. That’s double the sales of April folks!

The HTC One is one of the sexiest and most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) Smartphone ever made. With a design that kills competition, unmatched Boom Sound speakers, the brilliant 468 ppi 1080p Super LCD 3 displays and the lag-free Sense 5 UI powered by a Snapdragon 600 (beast), the One has everything to be your ‘one phone’. Sadly, the issue isn’t with the phone, but rather the supply of the phone.

HTC One competition Samsung Galaxy S4

The biggest competitor to the HTC One

Due to the limited number of camera modules, HTC was only able to ship a very restricted quantity of their flagship 2013 phone. That’s especially sad because the phone itself is brilliant. Thankfully the situation seems to be improving, with the company posting over 1.2 million in sales for the month of May. That in itself is more than twice the number of phones (HTC One only) sold in the month of April.

“We estimate that HTC One accounted for around half of HTC’s May sales,” Chang said.

“With One volume peaking and other models still weak, we believe May will be the peak of near-term sales,”the Citigroup analyst wrote in a note.

Sadly, the demand (and sales) isn’t going to show an upward trend or growth. The main factors for this would be the impending announcement of the iPhone 5S as well as other new devices such as the HTC One Mini, HTC One Max, Sony Xperia ZU and the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Hopefully, the new entrants to the 2013 One series makes up for the deficit in sales of the flagship.

Source: Taipei Times