HTC’s upcoming flagship is once again in the limelight, as previously leaked details about the handsets are getting support from a credible source. 


The latest report on the HTC M8, expected to come to market as the One Two, mostly repeats what has been rumored before, but since it comes from Bloomberg, we’re actually inclined to believe them this time around. According to a person with direct knowledge of HTC’s plans, the device will launch sometime in March with a design similar to the One. It will sport a larger screen, somewhere around 5-inches, and the camera on the back will come with two sensors for “better focus, depth of field and image quality” – the source doesn’t talk about its megapixel count, but previous rumors suggest it will remain unchanged from the One’s camera, i.e. 4-megapixel.

The report also mentions that the device will use “Qualcomm Inc.’s later Snapdragon processor,” which will likely be the existing Snapdragon MSM8974 chipset, as the newer, more powerful Snapdragon 805 isn’t expected to make its way to devices before May. Another nugget of information offered by Bloomberg is that the new model will carry the same One moniker, which shouldn’t be an issue as long as the company can find something more appealing to name its next flagship than One Two and the like.