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HTC One X Review: Is this the One for you?

The new HTC Sense 4 user interface brings about good features, convenience and improved experience to the user, and we enjoy the navigation between home screens as well as the menu pages. The One X is preloaded with HTC Hub which offers users a range of recommended apps from Google Play, as well as wallpapers, ringtones, and widgets for download. However, the People Hub and OnLive apps (game service) have been removed. The company has revamped the Music Hub to be a one-stop place for your playlist and online streaming radio stations.

The built-in camera is one of One X's touted features, which claim to offer a friendlier user interface and better features for users to shoot photos and videos with great convenience. You can directly go into the phone's camera mode when you drag the camera app icon to the the lock screen, even if the One X has been password locked. The onscreen camera shutter button is just above the video capture, and a long press of the shutter will let the camera shoot in continuous mode, up to 99 shots at 4 frames per second. It will also pick the best photo out of the multiple shots taken. There is no software included to stitch together the multiple pictures and create a motion JPEG or GIF animation file, though we hope HTC would consider releasing such an application to complement the camera's feature. You can also record high definition video and snap photos at the same time, a feature that is found mainly on most video camcorders. Better yet, you can also choose to have a snapshot during video playback when you playback the video on the phone's video playback application. The One X incorporates HTC Smart Flash which can intelligently detect the ambient light in the surrounding and set the best flash brightness for your photo.



For performance testings, we downloaded Quadrant Standard, Vellamo and Neocore benchmark applications from Google Play market. Quadrant Standard measures the CPU, memory, I/O and 3D graphics performance; Vellamo tests the web browser performance of Android devices; and Neocore is an OpenGL-ES 1.1 graphics performance benchmark app. The HTC One X did very well in the benchmark tests, faring 4425 points for Quadrant Standard and 1645 points for Vellamo, which is higher than the dual-core phones on the market. It also achieved 57.5fps for Neocore, which translates to seamless video playback. We also tested using several gaming apps downloaded from Google Play (Android Market) and the smartphone had no problem running most of the games, except a handful which are probably not optimized for quad-core phones; "Stardom: The A-List" game app runs rather sluggishly on the One X at the point of testing.

We also played some high definition videos on the One X such as "The Avengers" movie trailer from YouTube.com, and were amazed by the accurate colors and sharpness of the video. The audio quality isn't too bad either, thanks to the Beats Audio technology. But do note that the Beats Audio headphones are not included with the HTC One X; you will need to purchase them separately.

Battery Life

The HTC One X may have incorporated the fastest Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and runs the latest Android 4.0 ICS OS, but there hasn't been any breakthrough in the battery department, in general. Most of the smartphones on the market last less than a day on casual usage. And the One X suffers the same fate despite having a high capacity 1800 mAh Lithium-ion battery. If you are a heavy user who enjoy playing games and check your Facebook updates on your phone, you probably would want to consider carrying an external charger.

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