If you own an iPhone 5 and is in the market for something from HTC, then the Taiwanese handset maker is willing to barter with you.

From May 2nd to May 5th, HTC will pay as much as $375 for your iPhone 5, and $255 for the 4S.  Not only is HTC trying to sway iPhone users to switch over to the One, but it is also offering BlackBerry, Samsung and Motorola—among others—a chance at owning the One handset.  The Galaxy S 3 will fetch as much as $210, the Z10 for $250, and the Droid Razr for $184. 

The trade in process is done through HTC’s Trade Up website, and people must have proof that they purchased an HTC One between 5/2 and 5/5/2013.  Once you’ve sent off your old handset, it’ll take a couple weeks for HTC to process and send you a Prepaid Visa.  Unfortunately, the HTC One trade-in offer is currently limited to only handsets purchased in U.S.