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HTC releases developer Gingerbread ROM for Desire

Do you remember the stories we have published on VR-Zone regarding the status of an upcoming Gingrebread update for HTC's old but still popular Desire smartphone? Well, it seems that this is where we got the classic "good news bad news" situation going right now, with the good news being that HTC has just pushed out an official Gingerbread ROM for the Desire. And the bad news? Well, let's just say that  this official ROM is definitely going to cause a lot of issues on your Desire if you attempt to install it.


So you are a proud owner of the old but reliable HTC Desire smartphone and have been patiently waiting for the day where you will be able to finally download and install  an official Gingerbread ROM from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, right? Well, you might want to hold your horses, especially if the latest announcement from HTC regarding this particular issue is of any indication. Apparently, this is yet another of those classic "good news bad news" situations in action, with the good news being that, after months of waiting, users finally have access to an official Gingerbread ROM which they can use to update the Desire with.

So what's so bad about this? Well, the unfortunate truth is that you are almost guaranteed to run into issues with your Desire upon installation of  HTC's new ROM, as the company has announced on its Facebook page that the particular ROM that has been made available for download is nothing more than a development version. Yes, you read that right: it seems that there is still no 'finalized' version of the Gingerbread ROM that has deemed stable enough by HTC to be released for mass deployment.

However, if that disclaimer is not about to deter you from getting a copy of of the development Gingerbread ROM and installing it into your Desire, HTC has also pointed out that you can expect to see all your customizations, messages, emails and contacts being erased from the phone during the upgrade process, so performing a backup prior to flashing the Desire's firmware is definitely a must.

In addition, HTC has also claimed that, due to the lack of memory in the Desire, users can expect to lose access to a variety of features that typically come preloaded on a HTC-branded smartphone, such as Facebook. Rather, these apps will now be made available for download either off HTC's developer website, or through the Android Market.

In other words, this is a "download at your own risk" Gingerbread release which is clearly not ready for general public use. Still, if you are dead set on going ahead with the update, the developer ROM can be obtained from HTC's developer site at http://developer.htc.com.

Source: HTC Facebook

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