HTC has unveiled the Mini+, a multifunctional doohickey that is best described as a glorified laser pointer.

When we say glorified, we mean there are additional features (some might be useful, and some not so much) built into the cordless phone-looking device.  HTC seems to think that people (rather, their limited user base) want to have an external peripheral for HTC’s line of smartphones.  The Mini+ will allow people to check texts, events, emails, act as a remote control when the smartphone is attached to a monitor, and can even be used to control the phone’s camera.  Those added functionalities of the Mini+ might not be as useful as the built-in laser pointer, though (seriously!), because a PowerPoint presentation is just incomplete without it.


HTC One mini, Butterfly S, Desire 200 and 500 owners can grab the Mini+ for $50, but if you’re not one of the lucky few that owns the previously mentioned handsets you will need to search for a laser pointer elsewhere.