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HTC says 4.2 is still coming to the One

The wait for Android updates is something all users not using Nexus devices can relate to and there’s been a bit of confusion for HTC One users recently. HTC has taken the time to clarify the matter.


There have been on and off rumors of HTC releasing Android update 4.2.2 for the HTC One for quite some time now. Testing began quite some time ago and there was even word of a release in the middle of June. ¬†Obviously things haven’t gone according to plan and to top it off there was added confusion when telecom company Three UK stated that HTC had pulled the release.


Engadget is reporting that they’ve reached out to HTC who has clarified by stating that the update is indeed still coming but everyone might have to wait a little while longer until it’s ready for release. With rumors of Android 4.3 releasing sometime in the near future it really would be nice if manufacturers can step up their game on this front. It seems like as soon as one wait ends another one begins.

Hopefully the wait isn’t too long for this one.

Source: Engadget

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