Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for patent infringement in March whereby many see it as a move to get back at Google for the Android devices (indirectly). And just recently, the Taiwanese manufacturer has countersue Apple for infringement of their patents.

When company A sues company B, the typical move we see for company B would be to sue them back. And that sounds true in the recent Apple and High Tech Computing (HTC) saga. If you remember, Apple and Creative Technology have also sued one another few years back over patents of the media player interface.

In March this year, Apple has filed a law suit against HTC over 20 patents infringement that are related to the iPhone’s user interface, architecture and hardware. Many industry experts say that the move was intended to get back at Google indirectly whereby the search engine giant’s Android operating system is gaining ground. The Android OS has been incorporated in many smartphones including the Motorola Droid (or Milestone in other countries), Samsung Galaxy Spica and HTC Legend.

And recently, the Taiwanese manufacturer has countersue Apple for infringement of their patents related to power consumption in smartphones and how cellphones dial contacts from address book. The Apple spokesperson has declined to comment on the matters.

Source: Wall Street Journal