The M9 and M9 Prime will reportedly be the two flagship offerings from HTC next year, with both set to be released in the first quarter.


According to the latest leak regarding HTC’s future plans, the Taiwanese manufacturer will refresh its One Mx lineup of flagship phones with the M9 and M9 Prime handsets in 2015.

That HTC will be working on a successor to the HTC One M8 isn’t at all surprising, but what’s interesting in the latest reveal from @evleaks is the fact that HTC is working on a Prime version of whatever its 2015 flagship will be. HTC reportedly cancelled its plans for an M8 Prime this year, but it looks like the company may simply have postponed plans for a Prime handset instead of canceling them altogether, with the intention of launching it before the standard variant of its next flagship.

As expected, details are scarce on what the M9 Prime will offer over the standard M9. If previous rumors hold true, the device could be made out of a special material that combines aluminium and liquid silicone, though there’s no telling if that will indeed be the case six or seven months down the line. Features like a Quad HD display and a higher-resolution camera are pretty much a given, but it’s too early to speculate on other aspects of the device.