Purported photos of the HTC One Max have leaked, showing off what looks like a rather large version of the HTC One, complete with a unibody design and dual frontal speakers. 


What do you get when you make the screen on a stunning smartphone like the HTC One larger? Well, you get a larger HTC One that looks just as great – the 5.9-inch HTC One Max, which has been rumored to be the Taiwanese manufacturer’s debut in the phablet market, has made its first live appearance in a couple of leaked photos.

You can see there’s not a single change in the design here, except for a screen that’s considerably larger than both the HTC One and the One mini, though it seems HTC has taken the cheap plastic rim from the latter and put it on the One Max as well. That will probably help in keeping the price down, but won’t be taken too kindly by anyone looking for a premium-feeling device similar to the company’s flagship.


Specs of the One Max have been rumored to include a 1080p display, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with four Krait 400 cores, 2GB of RAM, 4-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), 16GB of expandable storage, and a 3,300mAh battery. Android 4.3 is supposed to be powering the software along with version 5.5 of the Sense UI, and stylus support is expected to be included, too (actually, it has to, or HTC will have zero chance of selling this thing over the Galaxy Note III and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra).

The source of the leaked pics says the HTC One Max is undergoing testing in China, with an official appearance rumored for next month at IFA. That’s also when the Sony Xperia Honami and the Galaxy Note III are expected to be unveiled, so it looks like we’re in for a rather exciting September.

Source: ePrice