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Huawei Ascend W2 press shot leaks, 4.5-inch display now in the cards

Huawei Ascend W2

Huawei is pretty obviously betting big on Android, with top-notch devices such as the Ascend D2, Mate or the soon to be unveiled P6, but the Chinese are not ones to put all their eggs in one basket, so they continue to show a little love to Windows Phone 8 as well.

The Ascend W1 has in fact been Huawei’s first WP8 effort, but it’s mostly gone unnoticed after having its launch delayed a couple of times and also due to packing modest, low-end specs.

W1’s follow-up has been making the rumor rounds for a couple of months now, being tipped as a major upgrade, both from a design standpoint and in the feature department. Since the Ascend W2 is not yet official, we can’t hope to know everything about it already (for sure, that is), but at least as far as looks are concerned the cards are on the table.

Twitter user @EvLeaks (who else?) has posted a high-res press photo of the Windows Phone 8-based handheld that, while not official, looks as legit as they come. The first thing you’ll notice is the W2 is larger than its predecessor and sports a much more “premium” look, with slightly rounded corners, fairly slim profile and snazzy blue glow around its trio of capacitive buttons.

Sadly, the bezels are quite massive, which kind of spoils the whole ensemble a little. On the flipside, chances are the display is 4.5 inches and not 4.3, as it was rumored a few months back, so the Ascend W2 might have what it takes to play in the same league as the Nokia Lumia 920.

Sure, the stakes should be higher and Huawei should think of going after Android’s giants, but this guy is unlikely to be the spearhead Windows Phone 8 needs so badly. And that’s because rumor has it the screen will be 720p, while beneath the hood there will be the same old dual-core S4 CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

The battery’s capacity sounds fairly promising (2,800 mAh), but with a run-of-the-mill 8 MP camera and 16 GB of storage, it will likely not be enough to make the W2 a winner. Anyone beg to differ?

Via [EvLeaks] and [WmPowerUser]

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