The world's second largest supplier of communications infrastructure, Huawei, has had enough of being accused of being linked to Chinese intelligence services. It has just issued an open letter asking the US Government to vet its operations. Read On.

With an ex-member of the Chinese military as president, it is no wonder why Huawei, the world's second-largest communications infrastructure supplier has been accused of espionage. Especially after it suffered several business setbacks this year, most of which can be attributed to the accusation of espionage by the US government.

Huawei has since issued an open letter, asking for the US government to vet its operations and prove that it is not some sort of a trojan horse for the Chinese government.

In its letter, Huawei quoted two presidents, Obama and Lincoln. It also reiterated that it is a fully commercial company, not enjoying any additional financial incentives from the Chinese governement compared to other companies, and most importantly, Huawei is a company owned by it's employees.