Last month, Creative Technology sued Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment and services company, Huawei, over the failure of the WiMAX broadband project. And Huawei has filed a countersuit against Creative for US$8.23 million over the termination of the project.

It was only about a month ago when Creative has sued Huawei for US$9.4 million (S$11.7 million) for the failure of the WiMAX broadband project, and that the Chinese company was unable to deliver the network performance as stated in the supply contract. In 2010, QMax Communications, a subsidiary of Creative Technology, has contracted Huawei to set up the WiMAX broadband network in Singapore. And now, Huawei has filed a countersuit against the local company for US$8.23 million (S$10.4 million) in unpaid goods and services as well as the 'wrongful' termination of the WiMAX broadband contract.

Source: Straits Times