A new toaster uses photo sensors to ensure that your toast never comes out burnt, and never needs to go back in to get it right.

Toasters don't usually experience a lot of innovation, and whether you buy a cheap one or an expensive one, chances are they'll have the same problem: Toasters have a burn intensity set by a numerical dial. Since there's no real way to equate "5" on a dial to a certain amount of heat, and since there's no standard to what "5" means in a toaster, various toasters will burn differently. You also have to consider that different breads will burn differently. The Hue Toaster aims to change this.

The toaster uses color to determine how much heat should be applied


The Hue Toaster is the creation of Basheer Tome, an interaction designer with a BS in Industrial Design. The toaster relies on photo sensors to toast your bread. Sensors are placed throughout the toaster and check the color of the bread. Once it reaches your desired hue, it shuts off. It's simple to use and consistent every time, says Tome. What's more, since bread only browns once it reaches a certain temperature, there's no need to have a specialized mode for frozen bread.


It looks good sitting in the kitchen too


The toaster was created as an undergraduate project by Tome while attending Georgia Tech. Unfortunately, the toaster is still a prototype, and needs to find backers to move it into production.